5 Differences Between Cannabis Flower and Concentrates

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Though cannabis concentrates are getting more and more popular, their unique form and potency can be overwhelming. A lot of users will not like to switch to something unfamiliar and stick to the sweet-smelling flower they are used to. However, cannabis concentrates come with numerous benefits including smooth, clean hits and discretion when used with vaporizers. Here are five facts that would help you get started with concentrates. 

1. Flavor

Though cannabis flowers online are available in many strains, even newbies know what they can expect from them, regardless of the names. On the other hand, concentrates is a big term covering a variety of cannabis extracts and this is where things can get somewhat confusing. You can choose from BHO, shatter, rosin, wax, dabs, honey oil, crumble, hash, tinctures, and pills. However, you should not be confused by the options you find. Most of them are names of the same thing. 

2. Concentrates are more potent

Potency is the most important difference between cannabis flowers and concentrates. Flower’s potency is anywhere between 10 to 25 percent THC, while concentrates contain 50-80 percent. These numbers can scare any user because dosing becomes difficult as potency increases. Beginners can get started with a non-intoxicating CBD-rich concentrate. Tinctures and hash also have lower THC content. 

3. Concentrates can be taken in different ways

When you buy cannabis flowers online, you can roll, vaporize or smoke it. Concentrates, on the other hand, offer numerous options. Dabbing offers an easy way to get a potent dose. Hash and oils are taken by the same method as flower. You can use vaporizers or vape pens that work with oils or even roll a joint. Tinctures can be taken orally by dropping under the tongue. Others include ingestible oils that show effect slowly and last longer. Concentrates are available in different forms that you can purchase using mail order marijuana services to get the products delivered to your home.

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4. Flowers have more flavor

Those who care about flavor should note that concentrates lose their flavors and aromas during the process of extraction. However, we offer our favorite magic mushroom, psilocybin extracts, tinctures and herbs in hyper concentrated forms – up to 50 times stronger than their regular counterparts. Terpenes give flowers their smell which can be sweet, floral, earthy, fruity, musky and piney. You can order these flowers to get your bud in your favorite flavour. Many producers even add the aromatic compounds later in the process to make them more flavourful. 

5. Concentrates are stripped of plant matter

This is a benefit of choosing concentrates for your cannabis consumption. The extraction process gets the product rid of plant material and gives you the isolated components like CBD and THC. This process also removes any contaminants, pesticides, chemicals and solvent residues. On the contrary, when you smoke flower, you also get the plant material that makes the tar. This can be harmful to your lungs. When you dab oils, the water and glass stay clean. Vaporizing is an excellent method of cannabis consumption for health-concerned users. It heats the compound but not so much as to extract the components.

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